Monday, October 14, 2019

Evers continues to surpass the cold callous Walker

For our thickening "Elections have consequences" file - - another example - -  as WI Gov. Tony Evers used a school setting 
Tony Evers (cropped).jpg
to declare Monday Indigenous Peoples Day in Wisconsin.
An intimate ceremony was held at Indian Community School in Franklin, Wis. Evers and Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes stood before dozens of students, faculty, tribal leaders and other leaders from across the state who gathered to witness a historic moment that some say was long overdue for Indigenous people here: the signing of an executive order that would declare the second Monday in October Indigenous Peoples Day.
Remember how defeated Gov. Walker approached disrespected these issues - - like his eagerness to clearcut and dynamite the Bad River watershed regardless of tribal treaties, food and water rights - - which is why it's wonderfully ironic that the ceremony took place at a school.

Nearly six years ago, Walker signed a bill rolling back Wisconsin law designed to make it more difficult to retain school nicknames and mascots which were insulting to Native American citizens, as I noted at the time: 
On Race-Based Names, Walker Has No Conviction, Courage 
As I'd predicted here more than once, Gov. Walker told the AP today he will sign a bill to make it easier for Wisconsin school districts to retain race-based names, mascots and logos that stereotype Native American people....
Furthermore, Walker and his administration have consistently substituted state government power for local controls when suspending, overriding or diminishing local authority in collective bargaining, iron and sand mining regulation, wetlands preservation, shoreline protections and women's health care services, among others.
Rediscovering the local control talking point and sticking it to Native Americans is shallow, convenient hypocrisy; wrapping intolerance in the First Amendment is as shameful as adding the gubernatorial signature that embeds it into law.
Unintimidated becomes Unprincipled.


Katrina said...

You have a great memory. Thanks for drawing attention to the racist rule rollback by Walker and the Wisconsin GOP.

James Rowen said...

You are welcome. Walker tended to make that kind of impression, leaving so many reminders of what needs to be repaired, if possible.