Friday, October 4, 2019

WI Republicans this week ignored their 'Stop being the stupid party' directive

I know that younger Republicans may have forgotten that obstruction and transcripts helped drive Pres. Nixon from office, but ex- Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's more recent warning to 'stop being the stupid party' also seems to have slipped past the GOP here.

In just the last few days:

* The Republican-controlled White House thought it was a good idea to send US Ag Secretary Secretary Sonny Perdue to Wisconsin for a discussion of dairy farming.

Though the White House ID's Perdue as "born into a farming family," you'd never know it - - or that he gave a fig about family farming in Wisconsin as he opined that dairy farmers in Wisconsin needed to 'get bigger or go out.'

Perdue laid that political egg while milk prices are at a five-year low, Wisconsin leads the nation in farm bankruptcies, and about 40% of the state's dairies have shut down in the last decade (a/k/a 'the Walker era'), as this recent report notes.

Not to mention that as dairy farms in Wisconsin morph into sprawling factories - - and Walker used state programs and money to boost their output into a crushing oversupply - -  we also have more manure overflows and reports of polluted drinking water. 

And skyrocketing contaminated rivers, lakes and streams, official data show.

Somehow this official GOP contempt for small towns and rural life has escaped a lot of Wisconsin voters.

* The influential GOP WI State Rep. John Nygren harrumphed that he had no intention of contributing a dime to the $200,000 settlement ordered by a judge because Nygren and GOP Speaker Robin Vos had illegally blocked access to their official Twitter accounts. So stupid, and arrogant, to boot.

And you thought thew GOP was the part of personal responsibility? Since when?

* Then there was Glenn Grothman's expressed delight at the Trump administration's plan to further strip food from to low-income Americans, including another 40,000 Wisconsin residents.

This from a man with a refrigerator-stocking, taxpayer-provided annual salary of $174,000, access in Washington, DC and Wisconsin to plenty of meal-time events, and multiple, publicly-blessed restaurants inside the US Capitol itself - - no need to even leave the halls of Congress - - and which are not required to operate at a profit. 

What, you thought these Republicans hate the welfare state?

So stupid, arrogant and hypocritical, too.
Glenn Grothman official congressional photo.jpg
Grothman and other Republican leaders in Wisconsin  had themselves an especially clumsy and hypocritical week.
* If Grothman's cold heart and warm belly also conjure up a double-standard, wait until you absorb the details of the Ron Johnson Heavy Hypocrisy Week.

Johnson has embracing Trump's White House calls for 2020 election help from foreign countries and while forgetting their oaths of office - - and also that he, Johnson, had in writing asked Ukraine to clean up its prosecutor's office just as then-Vice President Joe Biden had done.

Whom Republicans want castigated, investigated and maybe even incarcerated.

In other words, Johnson's words and actions again check all the party's boxes this week - - stupid, arrogant and hypocritical - - despite his too-obvious, two-faced spin.

GOP senator says he doesn't remember signing 2016 letter urging 'reform' of Ukraine prosecutor's office
"I send out all kinds of oversight letters ... I don't know which 2016 oversight letter you're referring to so I will look at that and then we'll issue a press release, statement, or something — but I don't engage in hypocrisy. I'm looking at getting the truth,” Johnson said when asked about the letter. 
Not much Truth-in-Advertising there. 

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