Thursday, October 24, 2019

Foxconn jilts Green Bay

Foxconn is pulling the plug on its Green Bay "innovation center" and possibly at similar locations elsewhere, reports TV station WBAY, despite guarantees by our defeated Governor that Green Bay, thanks to him, was catching the Foxconn wave:
REPORT: Foxconn shelving innovation centers in Green Bay, other cities
"They are going to stay in the great state of Wisconsin, and other millenials like them are going come to the state of Wisconsin because we have some of the most exciting technology and innovation in the world and part of it's going to happen right here in Green Bay at this innovation center," said Walker at the [2018] announcement. 
By the way, I checked Walker's Twitter feed to see how he's taking the news, and, whew, he's managed to put all this unpleasantness behind him:

Beautiful morning in Washington
We have to understand that there's logic to the company's decision, since its Racine County facility apparently has already nailed down work in the exciting high-tech fields of airport coffee vending machines and home security systems.

Basically, there's only so much innovation to go around. 

And while Green Bay isn't getting its innovation center, remember these good news headlines you could put on any story about Foxconn and Green Bay:

* No quarter of a billion-dollar highway 'improvements' were fast-tracked for the project;

No perfectly fine homes and farms were declared blighted so bulldozers could quickly flatten them, and;

And no wetlands were filled, though pesky downstream snowflake communities are worried about runoff and pollution.

Plus, UW-Madison has already received seven-tenths of one percent of $100 million Foxconn had pledged, so comparatively speaking, Madison is looking pretty good and Green Bay needs to look at the bigger picture and not start sucking lemons.

A full archive on how Wisconsin residents came to underwrite more than $4 billion in gifts to lure the company to our state is here.

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