Thursday, March 6, 2014

WI Republicans Misunderstand 'Corrupt Practices,' Voting Laws

The idea is to prevent influence-peddling, not enable it:

Current law bars lobbyists from "furnishing" campaign contributions to elected officials until June 1 of election years. For years, state ethics officials have interpreted that to mean lobbyists cannot discuss campaign giving with elected officials before that date. 
The bill before the Senate committee would allow lobbyists to provide contributions on behalf of others to elected officials at any time.
Also Voting Rights laws are supposed to guarantee ballot access, not obstruct it: 
The first bill to limit absentee voting hours at clerks' office has infuriated Democrats, who see it as an attempt to limit voting in areas such as Milwaukee and Madison where their supporters live. Republicans respond that it levels the playing field between cities and rural areas where clerks don't have the resources needed to offer long absentee voting hours. 
Under an amendment to the bill offered by Republicans on the committee, early voting in clerks' offices would be limited to weekdays between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Such a law change would prevent clerks from staying open on weeknights and weekends — times when many voters are not working and voter drives are most active. 
Currently, early voting is allowed for the two full weeks before an election, ending on the Friday before an election.


Anonymous said...

also, they've teed up a bill to let observers stand as close as 3 feet from voters (AB 202). And Sen Grothman circulated today for co-sponsors a bill to repeal same day registration (LRB 4050)

Anonymous said...

in the past, early voting was allowed for three weeks/three weekends, up until the day before election day. so the current two week/one weekend period is already far more compressed than it used to be - and they're shutting it down even more.

nonquixote said...

Already @ the three foot distance to observe, this would allow observers a seat at the table with the certified election officials.

Anonymous said...

Fair and honest elections are what a democracy should be founded upon. AB 202 and LRB 4050 should receive full support from both sides of the isle.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

AB 202 and LRB 4050 should receive full support from both sides of the isle.

Wisconsin is an island?

Maybe if either of the bills intended to SUPPORT fair and honest elections; but they are designed to make it harder for some people to vote, and disenfranchise eligible voters for no reason at all.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I was going to say, RZM- How do either of these bills lead to more fairness and access on elections? C'mon Anon poster- Enlighten us.

Jonnathan Swift said...

Do either of these bills include
provisions for equal numbers of voting machines and staff per thousand population? If not then the intent of the laws is obviiously not fairness nor uniformity but disenfranchisement.