Monday, March 24, 2014

Scott Walker: Too Failed To Be Big

The message about Scott Walker that needs to be hammered home is that he cannot come close to meeting his signature 250,000 new private sector jobs promise.

After three years in office, there should be something on the order of 187,000 such jobs on the rolls, but the data show on Walker's watch only 103,000, along with fewer jobs added last year than first officially estimated and none created in January, according to early estimates, the Journal Sentinel reported last week.

The notion that he should get another term and use it as a springboard to Presidential consideration is preposterous. He's too failed to be big.


Sue said...

Ah, but he hasn't failed on a national stage yet, in front of the whole country.
Run, Scotty, run.

Anonymous said...

He was on WTMJ this a m spewing the same lies. Claiming his goal is to create $20-$25 manufacturing jobs. For God's sake the state lost 6,000 manufacturing jobs over the last year. Plus he hadn't us the crap that welders were needed. Right now there is 3 unemployed welders for each welding job. He also claimed wages and hiring was up in Wisconsin.....he must live in another Wisconsin the one he thinks exists in his pea-sized mind. What on earth has WEDC done in 30 months? Where are all the trained workers for all the supposed "skills-gap" jobs? If you trained every unemployed person in Walker land 2/3 would still be out of work . HIS economy is dead in the water and there are no jobs out there inspite of giving away the farm to businesses and corporations in tax credits and breaks and reducing corporate income taxes to near ZERO!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

$20 to $25 manufacturing wages may be a goal, but right now Wisconsin has the second-lowest average manufacturing wage in the Midwest, and that's probably a big reason why they can't fill those open spots.

Somehow, I'm guessing Chuckles or Jeffy didn't being up that fact during WTMJ's in-kind donation to Walker today.