Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Again, Walker's Wisconsin Is #35

First it was our stalled job growth. We're 35th.

Now, income growth since the recession, and what do you know? We're 35th!


Anonymous said...

Do we have any idea where Wisconsin stands relative to adding to our debt compared to our neighbors. There are some reports that Walker is preparing to issue bonds to borrow nearly $400 million for transportation which would be the largest transportation borrowing ever. There is also the possibility that he negotiated a sale of general obligation refunding bonds of close to $300 million. If Walker is selling debt that means he is selling bonds [ promissory notes that pay interest] that increases long term debt. If the reports of this borrowing are accurate that means $700 million in new debt just recently added to his previous debt increases. Some how the $1 billion surplus appears contrived!

Sue said...

This is exactly the oppo research Burke's campaign needs to do and then publicize.