Saturday, March 8, 2014

So Who Joined Walker At Pivotal 2007 Strategy Session?

A senior Koch activist let the cat out of the bag.

This story was shared at CPAC, reports:

Panelist Luke Hilgemann, the current Americans for Prosperity COO who formerly led the Koch-backed group’s Wisconsin efforts, told the crowd that the 2011 [anti-union/Walker] victory “started back in 2007 on the shores of Lake Michigan,” at a meeting of fifteen intrepid activists who’d “had enough of government overreach,” including then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker.  
Priebus, a former Wisconsin GOP head, credited the ability to pass Walker’s reforms in part to the party and Tea Party activists unifying well before the 2010 primary behind candidates that made voters “proud to wake up” and vote, like Ron Johnson, Paul Ryan, and Walker.  
Norquist shared that Walker, after deciding to do a hasty signing of the “budget repair” bill prior to the official event, in order to stave off attempts to sign union contracts before it became law, gave Norquist the pen he used to sign the bill.


Say What? said...


Anonymous said...

The feds and DAs already know who was in attendance imo. Probably a few of the John Doe targets. Otherwise Priebus wouldn't be talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Factoid one is that Wisconsin citizens did not know who or what they were voting for in 2010. That is what all the big money and negative attack ads do: buy off the media from real reporting about who these guys are and what they care about, or where their money is coming from, and instead only reporting on the horse race and the ads. Why do we all think this congress is such a bunch of dumbf....s? Nobody knew what they were getting; the big money runs circles around the media. And no relief in sight, except maybe people are beginning to understand who they are.

Aunt Bee said...

Media knew Walker lied after his election but before the recall election about not doing anything he didn't campaign on regarding collective bargaining. It was captured on video in his interview with the Oshkosh Northwestern. Corporate media chose to ignore the baldfaced lie.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I also note that Reince says the Wisconsin GOP worked with AFP/Koch and various Tea Party groups in 2010, and said it was a big reason they won. Isn't that illegal? And isn't this what John Doe Deux is about, especially involving money transfers between these groups?

The vast right-wing conspiracy is real, folks. It's time to make them all pay.

Anonymous said...

I thought I couldn't be angrier or more disgusted by this bunch but now I am.

Anonymous said...

Hey John Doe and fellow conspirators- do you know what PMITAFP stands for?

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker and the Republicans were given majority control by the voters of Wisconsin. If the voters thought ACT 10 was wrong they would have voted Tom Barrett in as Governor in the second election.

Now, compare that to what happened politically after the Affordable Care Act became law. Make me wonder about the fallout in the 2014 elections.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Jeez, yet another GOP staffer/ operative? You do understand that Barrett and DPW running away from discussing Act 10 was a reason not enough people could pull the trigger on booting out Walker.

And I dare you guys to run against Obamacare and Medicaid expansion when clear majorities approve of Obamacare, or don't think it goes far enough.

I haven't heard Walker say "Wisconsin is better off because of Act 10," recently. Probably because no one outside of bubble-world believes it

Anonymous said...

The willingness of the Koch operatives & Reince Priebus to openly brag about the coordination of efforts from 2007 on, speaks MORE to the fact that their lawyers have assured them that John Doe 2 has already been snuffed out; and that, like Scott Walker, they are ABOVE THE LAW.

Laws in Wisconsin and now in America apply to common folks, not moneyed, powerful interests like themselves. Guarantee that John Doe 2 is DEAD; no one will ever be held accountable for the illegal coordination.

Guess this proves that in Walker's Wisconsin, and likely across America, the rich and powerful as so above the law that there is NOTHING that they could ever do that would result in criminal charges.

Walker's Wisconsin has become Walker's America.

Anonymous said...

"Probably because no one outside of bubble-world believes it"


Anonymous said...

The SCOTUS needs this info.