Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scott Walker, Foreign To Foreign Policy

Reading that Scott Walker is weighing in on and being taken seriously about foreign policy is a continuation of his Magical, Mystery Tour into early primary states, editorial board offices and Sunday network TV talking head studios.

Yes, we are to believe that Scott Walker - - Marquette University dropout, Legislative back-bencher, failed County Executive and far-right wing Gubernatorial tool with a penchant for documented false speaking - - is  somehow Presidential in stature, training and depth.

Worthy of access to and control over various red phones, Summit negotiations, situation rooms, nuke-proof bunkers and launch codes.

If you think Scott Walker projects Commander-in-Chief, you also think Beetle Bailey is an action figure, or Will Ferrell is a TV news anchor.

This is preposterous political theater, with the depth of fingernails down a blackboard.


Boxer said...

He can't even get his eyes to line up, much less his lies.

Boxer said...

Still, I'd love to see him run for Prez and get the national beat-down he's got coming. He's got a very large ego and it's going to take a long, sharp pin.

Sue said...

I so very much want him to run.

MadCityVoter said...

I'd be o.k. with the pin coming in November 2014. We need to stop the damage to Wisconsin ourselves, and sooner rather than later. Otherwise we're still stuck with him and his corrupt administration, even after Iowa or New Hampshire or North Carolina (or all three and more!) shoot him down.

Of course, if he were running as an ex-Governor I wouldn't much care... Heck, he and his big money backers could pretend he was still in the running all the way to the convention! Another clown for the circus.

Anonymous said...

Don't you all get it? Nobody listens to what he says - it is the confident way he says it. He exudes logic and sincerity. He doesn't care about knowledge and neither do his supporters. What he learned from Ronald Reagan (talk about back-benchers!) is that if you can make people feel safe so that they can ignore crisis and never have to change, they will worship you (pun intended). Beware all you who think that because Scott Walker is stupid, he can't get elected. His handlers will tell him how to run the country and they know what they want.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

it is the confident way he says it.

Really? he talks like a junior high school candidate for governance council, whose voice hasn't broken. Confidence is the last thing he projects.

Now, the media of course is happy to ascribe Big Daddy Confidence to any Republican candidate, so that is what gets reported.

Sue said...

Anon@2:48, his handlers had better start working their magic then, if he still can't answer a question that hasn't been vetted or form his face into an expression that looks mildly intelligent.
I want him to run because he richly deserves the national humiliation coming his way. Wisconsin doesn't need the embarrassment by association, but what the hell, we (or too many of us) put him there.

Ralph said...

He has as much experience as the wildly experienced and ultimately qualified community organizer who took office in 2009. and he's been such a foreign policy success so far!
Hint for James: Severe Sarcasm!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the elections of Ronald Reagan and George W Bush teach us anything? Bush was a freaking draft dodger who went AWOL because he was too stoned to report for duty and they still elected him. Walker could sell Door County to Spain and maybe there would be a few protests but Republican voters will still turn out for mid-term elections in greater numbers than Democrats. Say good bye to everything you ever loved about Wisconsin because he has been chosen, not by God, but by far right wing billionaires.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker isn't qualified to work as a barista at Starbucks.