Friday, March 21, 2014

Chemo Bill Pits Sen. Darling Vs. Rep. Vos

It will be interesting to see if GOP Senator Alberta Darling - - a cancer survivor - - wants to try and convince her colleagues in last-minute negotiations to oppose the $100 monthly patient deductible that insurance-industry servant Robin Vos, the GOP Assembly Speaker, inserted to weaken and perhaps kill a chemotherapy access bill.

And the real question is: What does Walker want and how does this impact his re-election campaign?


Gareth said...

What does Walker want? He wants it to go away. He wants to fly off to Florida and California for more fundraisers. He wants to continue playing in the fantasy world in which he becomes the President. In the meantime he comes off as weak and indecisive. This wasn't the way the script was written.

Anonymous said...

What does Walker want?

He wants to know for sure that the mystery dumpster files were included in the courthouse fire. Or any other accidental fire.

He wants another kochsucker.

CJ said...

He wants to know who's willing to pay more. Big pharma or the health insurance industry.

And then he wants it to go away so he can continue fundraising.