Friday, March 28, 2014

Elmbrook Church Might Need Gun Check At Ladies' Room

The Wisconsin Legislature, Scott Walker and the NRA were all behind allowing concealed gun carrying into churches, but for crying out loud, at least make sure the safety is on if you're going to leave a semi-automatic handgun with a full magazine in the bathroom:

A semiautomatic handgun loaded with a full magazine, with the safety in the fire position, was found in a bathroom at Elmbrook Church about noon March 19...
A volunteer teacher at the church later called looking for her weapon, which she said she had set down in the bathroom and accidentally left behind. She told police she is normally very careful and was told she could recover the gun the next day.


Anonymous said...

Luckily, she got all her bullets back.

Anonymous said...

Dolt of a woman. Safety on please. This person obviously has not a clue what gun safety even is. Why is it even ever taken out and placed on the counter? Nincompoop.

Boxer said...

She needed it for Target Practice, which is held right after Sunday School. or during?

Anonymous said...

Is this not some sort of a crime? You leave a loaded gun with a chambered round with the safety off in a bathroom where anyone including a child could have accessed it and there is no police investigation? A most singularly dangerous device the sole design purpose which is to maim and kill and it gets reported as if it's some type of joke. The woman responsible should have her concealed carry privilege permanently revoked.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

you know what's even SAFER than remembering the safety switch?

Not carrying the gun to church at all.

Remember when Dr. Tiller was murdered in church? People carrying guns did not stop the shooter, and the murder would not have been prevented by anyone with a gun, because the killer had first shot.

Instead, brave, selfless people subdued the killer and sat on him until the police came.

What would have actually happened had several people had guns? a lot of shooting, a lot more injuries, and likely more deaths.

Ron from IL said...


Must be nice to be able to predict how every situation will unfold.

Who is going to win the 2015 Super Bowl?

Boxer said...

Ron from ILL:

Zombie isn't predicting an outcome, he's using an actual example of an actual situation and how it ended. It does take a willful blindness (yours) to predict a different outcome involving a wild west shoot-out. You are so NRA-blinded you can't see reality. Go back to ILL from whence you slithered.

Anonymous said...

Though I dislike the current state of the interpretation of "Right to bear arms in a well regulated militia", I feel we must refrain from insults and attacks. If we insult eachother we certainly wont listen to each other.

I do feel this woman certainly is not part of any well regulated Militia, and I would extend Militia to mean a citizens group with training and a purpose rather than the legacy meaning of a "slave hunting party" which the author of the 2nd Amendment George Mason had intended. Its actually ironic that Mr Mason had gotten the Amendment written in to control his 30 slaves who he would hunt with his militia and his weapons when they went on the lamb.

Even than the purpose of the amendment was for the empowered to retain their weapons so they could intimidate the rest of the population, which I feel is a form of the present situation we find ourselves in. If we continue heading in this direction, in 50 years we will be a horrific country to live in.