Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Suburbanites Have No Right To High-Speed Commutes Through Milwaukee

The Journal Sentinel's editorial blog says it's "dreaming" to think commuters would slow down a bit on one short stretch of roadway to limit Interstate Highway widening costs and resulting damage to Milwaukee's west side tax base and residential appeal.

Too many motorists treat Milwaukee like an extended freeway [Sic] ramp to and from work, and this attitude is especially galling because many of these commuters who believe they have a right to tear through Milwaukee cheered the blockade of light rail development that would have eased the very congestion they help create twice-a-day.

History, here:
The railroad not taken 
Had talk radio and suburban opposition not sunk a 1997 plan, we’d be riding sleek transit by now


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

exactly. The city has been bisected by the Holy Freeways, destroying established neighborhoods and uprooting lives, and fostering the 'giant sucking sound" of good paying jobs being siphoned to economic and environmental sinks that are suburbs.

Of course, those were just way stations for those jobs, on their way to lower pay countries.

Ralph said...

And if Milwaukee thought a light rail system was necessary and hadn't expected those outside of Milwaukee to pay for Milwaukee's light rail system they would have built it on their own and James wouldn't have an issue to whine about.

James Rowen said...

Highway expansion? # double standard.