Saturday, March 8, 2014

Paul Ryan's Cynical Re-Emergence

So here's how politics can work in America these days if you are willing to walk a particularly callous and cynical path:

Re-inflate for personal and political gain a failed 'smartest guy in the room' persona and attack, with even some false information, American citizens who do not have your wealth and power tools - -  PAC's, ad budgets, staffs, lobbyists, PR people, 'think'-tanks, talk shows (see him on ABC's "This Week" Sunday show tomorrow), and Rovian organizations - - to fight back.

Let The Los Angeles Times explain it:

WASHINGTON — Rep. Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), the former Republican vice presidential nominee, launched an attack Monday on the nation's poverty programs, provoking an election-year confrontation with the White House amid a growing focus on income inequality... 
The plan returns Ryan to the national stage, where he hopes to position himself as the party's big thinker in advance of a possible 2016 presidential run.
This is an old, soulless trick. Attacking the poor. It's so easy. 

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Anonymous said...

House Budget Committee chair Paul Ryan's 2014 proposal is largely a rehash of his failed "Pathway to Prosperity," involving massive cuts to the social safety net. This time he is brazenly attacking programs that help the poor and vulnerable among us, and has put together a paper that promotes dismantling any government war on poverty. So, school lunch programs would be taken away.
Like Scott Walker, this has none to do with job creation that would help us all prosper, but is really a robbing the poor to give to the rich scheme.
They are once again pushing Ryan as an expert on the economy, but "his" ideas are old, proven failures.