Monday, March 31, 2014

Another Bad Ranking For Walker's Wisconsin

Wisconsin is going in the wrong direction under Walker, as we're 35th in personal income growth since the Great Recession and 35th in job-creation over the most recent 12-month period tabulated by the feds, data show.

And over the last month we're #2 in another ranking - - 2nd-worst job loss in the nation.

Tax cuts for business, mini-tax reductions for wage-earners and a raft of news releases by Walker's troubled Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation cannot make up for the damage he did to the middle-class and the overall Wisconsin economy by ideologically-motivated austerity.

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Anonymous said...

As exemplified by the story in Greece, as well as throughout Europe, fiscal austerity policies have been disastrous. None of their economies grew. Job creation floundered.
Coupled with Tea Party Republican “We want to know how we can love you more” tax breaks to corporations, it clearly shows that Scott Walker & Company's policies are a failure economically for the people he claims to represent.
Increased demand for whatever product creates more jobs, a fact you cannot deny.