Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Swift Review Part Of Sweetheart WI Mining Law

The Wisconsin DNR has given GTac mining the list of pre-application documents it must file as it moves closer to a full, formal permit application to open its huge open-pit iron mine where the Penokee Hills in the pristine Bad River watershed now stand in Northwest Wisconsin.

It's a big list -- I'll include below also more links to items the DNR wants, along with relevant related materials - - but do not forget that the mining law which Republicans passed last year after letting the company in on the bill-writing put all iron mining permit application reviews on an arbitrarily-short, industry friendly timeline - - 420 days - -  with a small chance of one brief delay.

Which puts a short-staffed DNR under the gun.

And - - under the new law the public does not get a chance to challenge any of the items filed until after the DNR reaches a decision.

Under Wisconsin's earlier mining law, public challenges were allowed during a mine application review so the DNR had the benefit of outside, independent opinion and could make a decision that did not look like the outcome was determined from the beginning.

Here are links to the DNR's list, related correspondence, and competing op-eds about the mine from the Journal Sentinel's Sunday Crossroads section.

DNR Response Letter: Pre-Application Notification Information Pursuant to s. 295.465(2), Wis. Stats. [PDF] - March 10, 2014

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    MAL said...

    Jim, I don't understand why the tribes, environmentalists and other citizens cannot file for a retraining order with multiple federal judges in the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

    There has been no hearing or analysis of the treaty rights of the Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) band.

    The Army Corp of Engineers is not on board. Perhaps a restraining order by multiple communities of interest with multiple fed judges is imperative now.