Monday, March 24, 2014

Walker Campaign Continues Inane Union-Bashing

A fund-raising appeal keyed to Scott Walker's allegedly "amazing" budgetary skills dropped into my Internet inbox today - - those folks do know how to use email, don't they - -  but the message ignores the state's 35th-and stalled job-creating ranking, or his failing 250,000 new jobs promise.

And the actual pitch for money is keyed to fighting "the big government union bosses."

Every time the right talks about unions, it's always about bosses. Big bosses. I always imagine someone on the order of Shaquille O'Neil or Andrew Bogut, barking orders.

What right-wing, Pavlovian palaver

What's big these days in politics, thanks to the Supreme Court, is money, and Walker is aligned with the Koch brothers and other right-wing financiers who are truly "big."


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