Sunday, March 16, 2014

WI GOP Senate Leader Runs A Death Panel

[Updated Sunday, 12:30 p.m.] The headline, photo and story below say it all as the Legislature heads to adjournment, so I write in protest for my mother, father, younger brother and Milwaukee best friend who died of cancers, and on behalf of my many friends whose parents and other relatives were lost the same way, and to honor those close to me, or complete strangers who are all alive today because life-saving cancer drugs were not denied them by politicians or special-interest errand boys or clerks at the State Capitol today playing doctor, playing God:

Wisconsin senators heavily support cancer drug bill; no vote planned
More than two-thirds of GOP senators and four-fifths of the state Senate now publicly support a bipartisan bill to help cancer patients get critical treatments, but the measure is still being blocked by the head of that house. 
Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said Wednesday he's going to unusual steps to block the proposal because a majority of his GOP caucus opposes it, not because his brother is lobbying on behalf of influential insurers to kill the bill.
Gov. Walker could fix this with one ten-second phone call, or a one-line email: "

"Schedule the bill." 

Until then, his silence is as despicable as is the reprehensible Scott Fitzgerald's.

People should call the Senator's office - - as have I - - to ask he schedule the bill for a vote immediately, and certainly before adjournment. His office phone number is 608-266-5660. I would recommend against email, as hard copy letters have more impact. His office address is 211 South State Capitol, Madison, WI 53707-7882.

More earlier, here   
FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014 In WI, Cancer Patients Need Better Meds, Lobbying 
The Journal Sentinel reports that some Wisconsin cancer patients can't get a vote scheduled on a drug coverage bill opposed by insurance companies because of procedural roadblocks  - - including the scheduling of phantom hearings - - thrown up as the session ends by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, (R-Juneau). 
What these cancer patients and their cash-strapped families didn't understand is that they needed more juice, better access and hands-on experience in and around the State Capitol to get Fitzgerald's ear.


Anonymous said...

The headline should read "Gov. Walker Supports A Death Panel." It is obvious that this is being orchestrated by Walker's office as every Republican backer of the cancer bill has gone mute. When Sen. Darling authors a bill and then goes silent along with all her other Republican backers then they have been told to fall in line and the Governor's office along with Fitzgerald and Vos will take the bill from here and cause it to disappear . These three have now crossed a moral and ethical line that places campaign special interest donor dollars before cancer patient's needs! Walker could simply wink and nod and this bill would be on his desk before next Thursday. These three power players have not only silenced the voices of the people of WISCONSIN BUT THE VOICE OF THE LEGISLATURE AS WELL. People must understand that if you have "CANCER" YOU DON'T COUNT IN WISCONSIN.

Anonymous said...

Like his brother, Jeff, the insurance lobbyist?

Sue said...

Elections have consequences, as do recall elections.
If you would rather die than vote for a Democrat, now's your chance.