Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rep. Joel Kleefisch Wants Sandhill Crane Hunting Season

Looking for a way to get more headlines than spouse Rebecca who's facing recall as Scott Walker's Lt. Gov., State Rep. Joel Kleefisch, (R-Oconomocow) settles on a proposal to kill sandhill cranes.

Besides, he says, Sandhill cranes are flying steaks ready to bagged and cooked.

Kleefisch said he wanted to help farmers whose corn was being poached by the cranes, but here's another thought: the mourning dove finally got listed, and it's still illegal in Wisconsin to drown kittens.

In an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kleefisch said the birds were good eatin': "Many call (sandhill cranes) the rib-eye of the sky," Kleefisch said.

The Wisconsin DNR says the birds have some "great moves," which they'll need to get past Kleefisch's heavy buckshot, unlike these birds in North Dakota.

And for God's sake, kill them before they get as far as Nebraska:
Sandhill Cranes Migration - In Sky over Platte River at Sunset


Display Name said...

Tastes a little like whooping crane, a little like eagle, she said.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Sounds delicious. Anyone know of a good restaurant in the Milwaukee area that serves them?

I hope it tastes better than the Ivory Billed Woodpecker drummies that we were serving up last weekend.

Bill said...

State legislature back in session and this happens. Coincidence? I think not.