Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Federal Judge Irked Over Late Email Release In Redistricting Case

US District Court Judge J.P. Stadmueller was not happy to learn that attorneys for the Legislature had released a fresh dump of emails Friday, given that the judge had ordered all such emails improperly withheld from redistricting case plaintiffs released the day before, the Journal Sentinel notes in its coverage of the case Tuesday evening.

This blog disclosed that belated email disclosure last Saturday - - 

GOP Redistricting Lawyer Finds, Turns Over, More Emails

- - but I saw no mainstream media coverage:

On Friday afternoon, a day after a three-judge Federal panel ordered lawyers for Republican legislators and staffers to release to the public 84 emails (some with maps, and attachments), and to lawyers suing over how the secretive redistricting came about and was handled, an attorney for the legislators told the plaintiff lawyers he'd found additional communications and had sent that file  - - email messages, maps and attachments - - to the plaintiff lawyers too. [italics added Tuesday]

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