Friday, February 24, 2012

Walker's Denials About Tampering With State Pension System Fall Flat

And why is Scott Walker having trouble being believed when he says he has no plans to change the state pension system?

Poor baby: can't a hard-working chief executive get some love?

* Well, for one thing, his budget required a study of the system, even though it is fully-funded and nationally-respected. And that fed into recollections that he:

*  Withheld his "bomb" to demolish collective bargaining, the called it a "modest" proposal.

*  Has had 28 of 42 statements rated by PolitiFact as "mainly false," false," or "pants on fire."

A batting average of .667 false doesn't get you much respect outside of those Annual Liars' Contests like the one sponsored in Burlington, WI.

(Note to staff: Schedule Walker there, pronto.)

Plus, he's managed to rack up six straight months of net job losses statewide, and created a new budget deficit larger than what he faced when he came into office and said we needed to attack it with the so-called Budget Repair Bill, which also included his "modest" changes to collective bargaining - - so any route into the multi-billion-dollar pension system or reducing its cost to the state would be attractive to Walker and his anti-worker, budget-strangling team.

So his credibility on the issue is zilch, and rightly so.


Paul Trotter said...

Do you believe him? I don't believe him?
As the senator from Illinois said something like .. Walker looks like a mad dog, picking a fight with everyone.

You would think he would leave a good thing alone but obviously he didn't watch Tommy's best practices video.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Talked to some public employees at a fish fry tonight, and this statement of Walker's came up. They all worried, as soon as they saw that he said that he won't "tinker" with their pensions, because they know how to translate Walkerspeak: He'll totally overhaul the plan and destroy their life savings. Why? because he lies. For decades now, he just lies.

Paul Trotter said...

That, of course, was raw meat for Charlie Sykes. Reports Milwaukee blogger James Rowen, Sykes mentioned Doyle’s alleged folly five times within three minutes the next morning, claiming those CAPCOs were one of the Democratic governor’s signature bills.

Read more:

Unrelated but ....A hat tip to James!

James Rowen said...

Thanks, Paul, and to Dave Zweifel at the CT.

Anonymous said...

With two or three actual session days left, do you really think some kind of overhaul is happening?

Or are you just trying to rally recall voters.

Oh yeah. Nevermind.

I am trying to be rational with lefties who only win elections by saying that Republicans want to end Social Security and Medicare.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and Paul ... keep trying buddy.

One day, you will have a point, although it will be by accident and you will not understand it.

Paul Trotter said...

ANON 2&3: I feel so sad now buddy. Will you let me know when I make a pont so I know it.
You responded. Right? Action/ Reaction - must have activated some of those dead brain cells. Was it a dull point or sharp one. I guess it depends on how dead those cells are in your brain. Good that I activated some of them- right buddy? Good cognitive therapy for you.

Now ANON 2&3 : we all know that the Republicons are quite capable of doing anything and within days without public hearings or haven't you been following their actions. We all know that when they sense their warped power being
stripped away they do irrational things ( mining bill? )

But Walker's study on the pension system isn't due to June I think yet one has to be a little paranoid of what he might try to rush through for his greedy puppeteers before he is indicted or recalled.

But point well taken 2&3- I will begin an introspective process to determine if I make a point or not. One of my validity measure will be ANON 3 responses. Another more important measure will be ANON 3 coming out of his closet and revealing who he/she is. Real people make better points. RIGHT BUDDY ?

JB said...

The key phrase, too, is that he "has no plan" for changing the state pension system. After all, he claimed that he DID have a "plan" for creating 250,000 jobs, a demonstrably false statement.* So when Gov. Walker says he has "no plan," what else can I conclude, other than something is afoot?

*I have yet to see evidence of any kind of genuine economic development planning for the state. The governor wouldn't know what it was if it hit him in the face.

Anonymous said...

The GOP are not ones to leave a pot of money lying around if they can get their hands on it. You can bet they'll try to take it from the workers who have fully-funded it throughout their careers.