Monday, February 20, 2012

Pious Baloney Served With Wisconsin Cheese

Newt Gingrich's wacky, vanity campaign for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination will soon expire for a lack of funding and insurmountable candidate negatives, but thank him for one memorable phrase when Mitt Romney said he wasn't a professional politician.

"Can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney?," Newt said.
Wisconsin Republicans are thriving on the dish.

Scott Walker is raising record millions at out-of-state fundraisers for ads to resist the recall election through a quirk in state law allowing incumbents facing recalls to raise unlimited dollars until an election date is set, yet he tells his audiences he needs their money to fight outside money that sure hasn't shown up.

Put some Wisconsin cheddar on that baloney.

And Republicans, led by Joint Finance co-chair Rep. Robin Vos, (R-Rochester), want to restrict the Constitutionally-guaranteed Wisconsin right to recall elected officials - - but have made no effort to close the loophole through which Walker is gathering his unprecedented war chest and opening new vistas for pay-for-play and the diminution of everyday citizens' equal access to government and policy-making.

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Jolly Roger said...

The Kochs bought and paid for their golden boy, and they'll surely chase good money with bad.