Sunday, February 26, 2012

On Mining Issue, State Rep Cory Mason Vs. State Rep. Mary Williams

I offer for your weekend edification two short videos about the Assembly's flawed mining bill, - - which the Journal Sentinel, a supporter editorially of changes to existing mining law, has labeled "rancid."

As things sand now, the GOP Senate leadership, with its 17-16 majority, wants to approve the Assembly bill but does not have the votes because one moderate Republican, Dale Schultz, (R-Richland Center), has said he will not vote "yes" and have "R" stand for rancid.

On one hand, State Rep. Mary Williams, (R-Medford), et al.

On the other hand, State Rep. Cory Mason, (D-Racine).

Score on transparency, passion, facts, language, sincerity, big picture/little picture focus.


Betsey said...

The difference between Follow the Leader and Being a Leader.

cr8f said...

Schultz got a standing ovation saturday at a mine meeting in Mellen. You know where the mine actually is?

He and Jauch presented a mine amendment that doesn't change existing clean water laws.