Saturday, February 25, 2012

State Sen. Grothman Gives Full Attention To Mining Bill At Finance Hearing

Congratulations, West Bend: Your GOP Senator Glenn (center) distinguished himself at the 2/18 all-important mining bill hearing:
Rebecca Kemble photo


ed hammer said...

Probably reading a text from ALEC

Paul Trotter said...

Despite his serious shortcomings ( lack of tech skills among others ) he is willing to come on Sly and have a reasonable conversation. Though lately- his defense of Walker is weakening. He's a calm cool cat that has a retort for everything. Would love to see this guy sweat a bit.

ANON 2 &3 : I think I made a point and I think I'm aware of it. :)

Boxer said...

Probably texting Mom to ask what's for dinner.
Or pretending to have a text. I don't see him having a big social life.