Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Scott Walker Falsehood Wins Coveted "Pants On Fire" Rating

PolitiFact, shooting fish in a barrel, finds false Scott Walker's assertion that Gov. Jim Doyle had approved a wasteful job-creating program that enriched financial investment firms with state funding instead.

Turns out that the program began during the Tommy Thompson administration, and that Scott Walker, as a legislator, voted for it.

A 10-year state program that created 202 jobs at a cost of $247,000 per job was approved by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

Plus, a bonus helping of icing on the cake: PolitiFact notes that righty talker Charlie Sykes broadcast the same misinformation - - which can happen if Walker is your source.
WTMJ radio talk show host Charlie Sykes picked up on the topic and in a three minute segment linked Doyle to the CAPCO program five times. He called it "a Jim Doyle idea," and said the program was "one of Jim Doyle’s signature venture capital bills."

In an email, Sykes acknowledged that the program was created under Thompson. And he pointed out that Walker had tweeted on the subject the day before.

This episode of false-talk puts Walker's truthiness rating further into the "false" categories - - 28 of 42, PolitiFact has found.


Betsey said...

Now, I'm confused. Who is writing the talking points for whom? I thought Walker's talking points came from the Talking Pointy-Heads, Sykes and Belling. Are you saying Sykes and Belling get their talking points from the Head Pointy-Head? Head Dunce?

Who's on first?

James Rowen said...

Mobius strip.

Anonymous said...

is there any more doubt that wtmj is not abiding by its license's requirement to broadcast in the public interest by serving as an unvarnished propaganda outlet?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Oh, I think putting together a slander suit against TMJ and Sykes for knowingly telling a lie about the CAPCO program might wake the folks at Journal Communications up. Make them pay for allowing this deceptive filth on the air.

I also think a few Open Records requests to show coordination between the Walker Admin and TMJ could make them think twice as well. We know it's not coincidental that Sykes and Wagner just happen to be saying the same thing as this Administration and get those emcee jobs at their events for a reason- quid pro quo.

Raven said...

James, your blog's upper left column still says "27 of 41" claims are False; that needs to be updated to "28 of 42".

James Rowen said...

@Raven - - Yeah, I'm late doing that. Thanks.