Monday, February 20, 2012

In Addition To Master Lock, Obama Put Spotlight To Another Milwaukee

President Obama toured and praised Master Lock during his Milwaukee visit last Wednesday - - and rightly so, as it's a great local and national story - - but let's not forget that Obama in his remarks recognized another local success story: Diamond Precision.

There's text and video from WISN-TV, here.

Bryan Weiss took the Johnson Creek machining company over in 2006 and recently expanded to a building at 111th Street and West Heather Avenue.

Two years ago, the company had 55 employees and was struggling to keep them all on. Today, between plants in Johnson Creek and Milwaukee, it more than doubled its workforce."Now we're over 120, so business is booming," said Weiss...

During his economic speech at the Master Lock plant in Milwaukee, President Obama mentioned Diamond Precision as an example of people creating manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

"Diamond Precision, a machine manufacturer that will be adding dozens of jobs here in Milwaukee, a company that's growing because its customers are choosing to buy American-made products instead of supplies from China," President Obama said...

Weiss said the company is looking for skilled machinists and unskilled workers to fill jobs at the Milwaukee plant that pay between $10 to $25 an hour. For more information, call Diamond Precision at 920-699-7001.
Props also to Howard Snyder, the development activist and long-time Executive Director at the Northwest Side Community Development Corporation who put together a recent, $700,000 loan to Diamond Precision to help its expansion and hiring in Milwaukee.

That's homegrown job creation.


Max B said...

Why is Diamond Precision not highlighted in Walker's ads? Too Milwaukee? Too not-his? Not enough campaign contributions?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Max- Campaign contributions is the correct answer, although we would also accept "Too union" and "didn't take WEDC tax credit handouts."

Reagan's Disciple said...

What the private sector creates, the government doth take away.

Maybe I missed something, but aren't corporations and profit supposed to be bad?

Boxer said...

You are missing something Rayguns and it's what you usually miss: the point.
The post was about Diamond Precision's growth over a mere 2 yrs, accomplished by good management, an improving economy, a desire on the part of some customers to purchase American-made goods, and a skilled and unskilled workforce that has doubled. And a government loan--GASP!
The discussion and comments have been about why we haven't heard more about Diamond--obviously a success story--from our Gov who ran his campaign and now his administration on the mantra of jobs. Some speculation between Max B and Jake LP ensued.
What's not to love about this win-win-win?
Until you chime in with your negativity--two sentences that 1) have nothing to do with the post or the comments, and 2) are the false narrative your side resorts to when they ain't got squat. Even when they do.
Do you really need to wonder why you get pounced on at TPE?
Are you being deliberately dense or are you actually dense? Or have you become permanently dense from living in the Dense Jungle of Fact Denial for so long?
Most of us who comment here will say they welcome a good argument with conservatives about the issues and ideas. Sadly, you're not a worthy or even interesting opponent.