Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Withheld Emails Will Show Drafters Knew Their Plans Would Disenfranchise Tens Of Thousands

And hoped that recall elections in some Senate districts would "enfranchise" some of the those disenfranchised from voting in the next regularly scheduled election by the new district lines, thus minimizing the disenfranchisement problem.

Legislating in the voters' interests?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Federally criminal?

Maybe Eric Holder can find his own comfortable shoes and come this way to give a look-see at deliberate disenfranchisement of an ethnic group?

Anonymous said...

The way the e-mails use the term "disenfranchisement" here is not about ethnicity. It's about people getting drawn out of senate districts in a way that means they have to wait longer-than-is-legal to get to vote for a state senator again.

What they're doing to carve up and clump together minority districts in MKE is a different brand of wrongdoing.

JB said...

I'm especially intrigued that the drafters excuse the disenfranchisement with the fact of last summer's recalls. Those recalls would never have happened without the Republicans' failure to consider their constituents when they "made decisions" on various bills drafted by ALEC.

Paul Trotter said...

So here we have McLeod saying that just because there has never been a map struck down because of disenfranchisement their actions must be ok.

Wow- the logic these arrogant elitists spew is obscene.

I would guess that McLeod is a hot potato now.

So sad that Prosser can't save the day.