Friday, February 17, 2012

National Story About Walker/Republican Legislators' Secrecy To Be Written

Calling The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, "Rock Center," and "60 Minutes."

The unearthing of both secret redistricting legislating by Republicans - - with federal judges ordering a major law firm to hand over public records improperly withheld - - and the separate disclosure in John Doe criminal complaint documents about an off-the-books email system set up for allegedly illegal campaigning and fundraising just 25 feet from then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's office during his campaign for Governor is a national story about Wisconsin's political decline and abuse of the democratic process that begs to be written.

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Anonymous said...

And, national media, this is another reason why this is a national story: A national expert on how to skew (read: screw) minorities in redistricting was used by the state GOP legislators (read: paid by our taxes as a consultant against us).

I saw Gaddie's name in the emails, and it clicked. This excellent blog post tells why: