Monday, February 27, 2012

Jeff Wagner Brings Out AM 620 WTMJ Ghouls

Afternoon WTMJ-AM righty talker Jeff Wagner played to the base of his conservative base this afternoon by wondering aloud about the possibility of "intent" in Milwaukee's rash of co-sleeping deaths.

His producer then teed-up the callers, the first of whom said investigators should check to see if parents had taken out life insurance policies on the dead kids.

These talkers know how to stir up the worse emotions and 'thoughts' of the audience.

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Anonymous said...

It's deflection - can you imagine the discussion that would entail if they actually talked about Walker's recent decisions and misdeeds but THAT wouldn't be in their script. You can bet that every one of these talking puppets gets talking points from the McGiver institute. Wouldn't you love to hear Wagner's followers or thaters discuss Walker's extremism without a call screener.

Just don't bring up Walker's extreme agenda. Just deflect!

Unlike Sly In The Morning, these talking puppets don't know what their listeners are really thinking. They've been sterilized. Wagner hasn't faced truth. He and his puppet friends can't handle the truth.