Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ring Up Another Mass Layoff Event In WI For Scott Walker

Wisconsin led a 12-state Federally-defined Midwest region in "mass layoff" events in January - - job losses of 50 people or more - - and now the Walker administration racks up another by closing car emission testing stations in Southeastern Wisconsin at the cost of 62 jobs, and having a vendor use as yet-unnamed service stations or oil change shops to perform the tests, the Journal Sentinel reports.


Lisa said...

He'll be chalking up some more shortly...here's the Wausau Daily Herald stories on Starboard Value Hedgefund. They are basically going to eliminate Wausau Papers throughout Wisconsin. Notice that two former executives from "Georgia Pacific" are heading up this effort...Koch connection???


Anonymous said...

Yeah but,
Hi Crush Proppants (Mining Company) recently took out a full page ad in the paper and announced they are having a big Job Fair. They have rented the Augusta Senior Center for the event.
Bring your resume.

Not only that, they got PR recently for "donating to kids". The Augusta Superintendent was gushing about how great the Mine's concern for the community is. So very heartwarming. These guys are just big ol' Teddy Bears.
But not so fast - the donation is divided into TWO allotments. That way the company gets TWO shots at We Love Mines PR.
These guys know what they are doing that's for sure. LOL
"Mine Games"....no shit Sherlock.

Say What? said...

So now to get our car's emissions checked we will need to make an appointment with a car repair business or dealer. Now- we just roll into a well organized and effecient operation and that's it. Done.

There will more wait and no doubt they'll find soemthing wrong with your car or give it a fail.

" Oh you could get that fixed here Sir.
Oh and Sir- your brakes .....
Want an oil change while your at it? "

How convenient....

We will indeed lose independent testing.

Paul Trotter said...

So now I can trash my comments - like that but the preview option sucks on the iPad.