Sunday, February 26, 2012

Waters Near Proposed Iron Ore Mine Win International Wetlands Recognition

From the Facebook page Friday of Mike Wiggins, Jr., Chairman of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa - - the same people with sovereign treaty rights kept from the table as the GOP-led Legislature rushes to approve an iron-ore mining bill drafted with industry assistance that will harm water quality in the Bad River watershed:

World-class!! The Kakagon and Bad River Sloughs joined the shortlist of world class wetlands this week when our piece of heaven was listed as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. This is the first tribally-owned Wetland of International Importance in the United States. Frank, Eldred and I attended doings at the Wisconsin Wetlands Association Conference in Lake Geneva. Thank you to the people of Bad River, our BR Natural Resource Dept and others for the preservation and protection that made this possible.
The US has signed the Ramsar Convention. From its website, this is the agreement's description and mission:

The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

The Ramsar Convention is the only global environmental treaty that deals with a particular ecosystem. The treaty was adopted in the Iranian city of Ramsar in 1971 and the Convention's member countries cover all geographic regions of the planet.

The Ramsar mission

The Convention's mission is "the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation, as a contribution towards achieving sustainable development throughout the world". 

The Convention uses a broad definition of the types of wetlands covered in its mission, including lakes and rivers, swamps and marshes, wet grasslands and peatlands, oases, estuaries, deltas and tidal flats, near-shore marine areas, mangroves and coral reefs, and human-made sites such as fish ponds, rice paddies, reservoirs, and salt pans.

The Wise Use concept

At the centre of the Ramsar philosophy is the “wise use” concept. The wise use of wetlands is defined as "the maintenance of their ecological character, achieved through the implementation of ecosystem approaches, within the context of sustainable development". 

"Wise use" therefore has at its heart the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and their resources, for the benefit of humankind. 


Anonymous said...

There is simply nothing that GTAC is proposing that will harm the water quality of the Bad River watershed. And there are no changes in regulations which will result in lower water quality.

Anonymous said...

Since open access to this area is only available to those of a specific race, most of us will never be able to ever see it.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. I'm assuming by "wise use" they don't mean: as a dumping-ground for mine tailings.

Anonymous said...

I haven't even read this post yet, but it gives me an opportunity to say how impressed I was with Mike Wiggins in the videos I have seen. Particularly there was one of the testimony, he had such a great demeanor. He did not have any of the snotty sneering self-adoring arrogance that I have come to think is normal among the men who lead these days. Some women too of course but there is something that has happened (or has just been ramped up) with the men in America. It isn't pretty. Though they seem to find themselves so.

I thought Wiggins had a very human balance of pride and humility, intellect and emotion, sadness and defiance. He looks IMPOSSIBLE to bullshit. Typically that is a sign of an honest person. People who fling poo do not realize if but they are very susceptible to well-created nonsense from others. He also seems to just talk straight, not having to consult with 53 strategists, or parse his words to satisfy unions and donors and cameras.
I don't get along with that many people (current count is 5, 2 of which are dogs), especially where ethics and issues are involved, so if I "got to know" Wiggins I would probably be throwing my hands in the air over some issue and saying "omg you're an idiot" (cuz I'm all about the interpersonal respect lulz) but anyways, what a goddam breath of fresh air to see someone just kind of quietly lead. Feingold was in that class too. Though his style was different. Not really sure what Russ is doing these days, I mean I KNOW but.... Another example (which you can't know of ) was multiple term mayor Virginia Smith of Chippewa Falls. She is/was a Republican but one that I think few can even imagine these days. That does not mean a "RINO". Anyways, I wish I could vote for Wiggins, and people like that. Instead of being guilted and persuaded and blackmailed and lesser-of-two-evilism-ed into voting for the semi-human Politibots we are presented with these days.
Viva la Wiggins!

Anonymous said...

OMG that is a FAKE ANON up there. That is EXACTLY the worn-out talking points they used in committee over and over.
James Baby! you have arrived! Comment drones are circling and have landed!

They'd only do that if they viewed your words as a "problem". lol
The worse they get, the better you're doing. Oh I mean, I was totally fooled by that. And LOL at the phrase "specific race", don't forget to also write "Save a Fish, Spear an Indian".
Go back to Fake Commenters Boot Camp, sign up for the intensive remedial course, you guys have FAIL stamped on your foreheads for all to see. No one is fooled.

Anony Too said...

@Anonymous 6:30 am:

I think you meant to say "There is simply nothing that GTAC is proposing that won't harm the water quality of the Bad River watershed."

You should edit before you post your comments.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, where is General Custer when you need him? If non-Indians don't have access to them, that means they aren't valuable to us and the environment, right? I mean, we do such a better job of taking care of the environment.