Friday, February 3, 2012

Breaking News: The Inmates Have Officially Captured The State Assembly Asylum

Democratic legislators, debate spectators and State Capitol visitors: lower you voices and avoid eye contact with Assembly presiding officer and President Pro Tem Rep. Bill Kramer, (R-Waukesha). He tells the Journal Sentinel he's carrying a concealed, semi-automatic Glock handgun.

The Assembly wrote rules allowing for concealed carry on the floor and in the galleries. Go figure.

Video said to be of Bill Kramer.


gnarlytrombone said...

Greaaat. This is the same Bill Kramer who was filmed doing a Foster Brooks impression, stumbling off the Lake Geneva GOP booze barge.

Anonymous said...

Idiot! Maybe dangerous idiot.

Me said...

I was raised by one Democrat parent and one Republican parent. It made me crazy, yes, but that's not the point here. Just as far as "personal frame of reference" on this issue - I vote "Left" much of the time but have voted for many Republicans as well over the years (of course these days too many of those are batshit crazy so that number has dropped way off, around zero right about now. And since my criteria is less platform and more Integrity, well I don't have many on either side left to vote for) , ANYWAYS I do support both CC and the castle doctrine and I also own a handgun. Not a Glock though.
I am quite sure (but someone should check) that they (WI Capitol employees and visitors) were and are specifically told that they (and we) could carry but their employee rules were adamant that NO ONE was to refer to the gun, joke about the gun, say they were carrying and certainly not "displsy it". Such acts often constitute "intimidation", the normal respond is "whoa, watch out for Bob, he's carrying" etc. And thee act of displaying and talking about your gun is not allowed. I suppose he'll make some lame excuse about how the Press is different. But politicians are not normally fans of "disclosure", suddenly he's Mr. Open-Records. ha.
I doubt SERIOUSLY DOUBT this guy is "dangerous". I thin he has "man issues" and is showing off.
Glocks are expensive, top-rung "designer" or status guns. BTW Glocks have no safety at all, the assumption of a certain level of competence so maybe this cowboy will hurt himself. We don't know if he's an experienced gun-handler or just a super-dork who likes saying "I've gotta Glock" Quite honestly I would also like to be able to say "I've gotta Glock" and also- "Do ya feel lucky today punk" well do ya?" But with today's lack of upward mobility I guess it's not to be.
Insecure dork-blossom showing off. That's my professional assessment.
He IS dangerous, but not cuz of the Glock, because he's an immature pinhead with power over others, and like most of the rest of 'em - he's no Leader.
Real men don't show off.

Me, part 2 said...

I'll also add that if he feels that broadcasting is a "crime deterrent' and makes people less likely to attack him, well that again shows he's a noob. An assailant who knows what they're will have a really good chance of getting both this guy's wallet AND a free Glock. Oh yeah, he's a rocket-scientist alright O_o

p.s. I find your headline sensational to the point of Enquirer-ism. Naughty blogger.

Anonymous said...

he's so paranoid, when he looks in the mirror, it's "kramer vs kramer."

Reagan's Disciple said...


With all do respect...

The Glock is in no way an expensive designer or status gun. In fact, it is quite the opposite in that Glocks are popular because the are very reliable and relatively inexpensive when compared to other mfgs.

I could also debate safety issue as well and discuss the Glcok safe action system and safety trigger, but that would probably bore most of the readers.

Boxer said...

@Me said:

You seem not to know Kramer, yet you've nailed him right on his pinhead.

In his 5 years in the State Assembly, Kramer has distinguished himself not. This latest publicity stunt demonstrates only his childish need for attention and his lack of decorum as a legislator of Wisconsin. He is such a nonentity that he has to make up threats against himself to feel important.