Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Walker's Third Flip On High-Speed Rail

Every day brings a new scheme by Gov.-elect Scott Walker to extricate himself from the high-speed rail/job-killing mess of his own doing.

First, it was 'transfer the money to roads. Nope, not allowed.

And his rationale (sic) for the transfer - - exposed as false.

Then it was, 'transfer the money to other rail projects.' And while you were distracted by that...could that work...what are the routes...does it keep Talgo open...Hey, that Walker may not he half-bad...you get...

Today's sideshow:  'transfer the money back to the treasury.'

What's really happening is that Walker put himself in a box and he's looking for a way out, any way out.

He'd probably even live with, 'well, it's gonna happen and it's all Obama's fault.'

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Anonymous said...

My initial thought of Walker in a box and trying to find a way out brought to mind the overdone white-faced mime routine. We can only hope to be lucky enough that Scoot might occasionally just keep his mouth shut for a few minutes and actually think farther ahead than the next press release, before speaking.

My use of the name Scoot is deliberate. Scoot, as defined in my dictionary: darting or scurrying off; a hurried departure, describes well the movements of a weasel.

non quixote