Monday, November 22, 2010

Scott Walker Says Goal Is Defeating President Obama

If you thought that Gov. Elect Scott Walker is just out to get the state's fiscal house in order, think again.

Walker tells The Wall Street Journal:"'If we do what we said we would do in the campaign, there is no doubt it will be harder for Obama" to carry states such as Wisconsin and Ohio in 2012, Mr. Walker said."

So there it is - -  it's politics over policy, fellow Wisconsinites: We're just pawns in the GOP/Fox News/Wall Street Journal  (Rupert Murdoch actually controls all three) grand ideological and partisan plan.

As Walker said in his 2002 run for County Government, 'cut this out and put it on your refrigerator.'


Anon Jim said...

Nice "dog bites man" story Rowen.

Could you please link one instance where the Governor of a state had the political goal of not delivering thier states' electoral votes in a Presidential election.

. . . . . didn't think so.

Anony Too said...

I think this story shows that Walker, not even yet sworn in as Wisconsin's governor, is already planning his next political move to the national stage.

He was such a good Milw County exec that they don't need another one. Now he's such a great Gov that he doesn't even have to take office before he moves on.

It's called the Peter Principle: Promoted beyond your abilities because no body wants to deal with you.