Monday, November 15, 2010

Dan Bice: Road-Builders Gave Heavily To Walker

And you bought that fantasy that Scott Walker was some kind of reformer?

Dan Bice documents heavy road-builder campaign spending on Walker during the election.


More like the reform (sic) he brought to Milwaukee County government which was rejected at the ballot box Nov 2nd by more than 60% of Milwaukee County voters.

Bice's story helps put Walker's no rail, more highways stance into sharper focus.


John said...


So by your logic, if Tom Barrett was elected governor he would reform education funding or public employee pensions, since the unions contributed heavily to him

James Rowen said...

All I know is that if Barrett were elected, the train would be full speed ahead.

Ron R said...

No James, if Barrett had been elected the train would have been medium speed ahead. ( But probably just as empty.)