Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Madison Stem Cell Breakthrough...

Another reason for Scott Walker to leave that Madison economic engine alone.


Anon Jim said...

Does that article specify what type of stem cells are being used - adult or fetal?

Walker is only against stem cell research requiring new fetal stem cells.

Like all Dems and especially the disgraced Jim Doyle, we realize you like to obsfucate and do not want to have an honest discussion.

You are still s-o-s Rowen on so many issues.

James Rowen said...

The article does not specify. I would argue that Walker's parsed attitude does not help encourage the R&D climate there. Cutting Madison off the rail line is another example.

Anon Jim said...

Ok now you have me intrigued.

How exactly will the half-fast train affect the level of stem cell research in Madison?

And I do have an educated guess on the type of stem cell involved. It was obviously adult because if it had been fetal - you would have seen the word every time the phrase "stem cell" occurred in the article.