Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Know-Nothing Notion That Trains Are An Old Technology

I see online commentaries and comments on my postings that argue - - well, rant - - that passenger trains are an old technology. And therefore undesirable.


Tell that to the Chinese, Germans, Japanese and French who offer sleek, convenient and state-of-the-art train service.

Like numerous technologies, trains have been updated and much improved.

Trains are more efficient, comfortable, and given highway congestion and air pollution, more pragmatic and environmentally-friendly than their predecessors.

They're not your father or mother's trains. They couldn't bring a laptop on board and email a document to his next meeting, or electronically send pictures of the kids to the relatives.

And should be part of a modern transportation mix with choices for business travelers and tourists.

When gasoline prices spike again, as they will, and when aviation gets more expensive and limited - - as it will - - even railophobes will wish their political allies in Wisconsin had not banned high-speed rail.


Anon Jim said...

Such an idiotic argument.

They couldn't bring a laptop because they didn't exist Rowen.

They could write a letter or mail a photograph, which was the high tech of the day. Just like the trains were.

So nothing has really changed including the fact that the vast majority of people would rather drive or fly.

And even buses are a more efficient and flexible option than your anachronistic choo-choo trains.

A Rail Boondoggle, Moving at High Speed

Btw the way it should be 'not your great grandfather or great grandmother's train' since that was the last time the train was a significant mode of transportation.

James Rowen said...

I am guessing you have not ridden on a new US train in the NE corridor or overseas recently.

Boxer said...

I am guessing Anon Jim has not flown lately either: what a cattle call. Now they can look through your clothes to see what you're hiding under there, Anon Jim. Apparently no one is sure just how high they can pile ignorance these days.

Anon Jim said...

Wrong as usual Rowen - have ridden the TGV in France.

An actual high speed train - not the POS choo-choo you Dems are trying to pitch us.

Btw you should be grateful Walker is killing this - will save you the embarrassment of the train being endlessly delayed by the people of Madison once they understood what exactly the impact would be for their city.