Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GM Bailout Looking Better: Government To Sell Three-Quarters Of Its Shares

Forthcoming stock sale will help the company reimburse taxpayers for saving it.


Anon Jim said...

You might want to check your math Rowen.

As the article points out, the Feds need to have a $44/share price to break even.

So this stock sale means we are at best losing $5.25 Billion dollars, $6.05 if they increase the offering even more.

Not sure what loods so good about that - maybe I need to borrow your rose colored glasses.

Anon Jim said...
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Anonymous said...

Leave it to Rowen and the Dems to spin losing $6 Billion as a win.

Anon Jim said...

My bad - according to media reports today it is actually going to be
a $9 Billion loss on the stock sale.

Way to go Obama!