Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walker's "Stick It To Milwaukee" Program On Track For 2012

That's the date by which Talgo says it may close its Milwaukee train assembly factory and give up 125 jobs there at the former Tower Automotive site over Gov.-elect Scott Walker's decision to kill high-speed rail in Wisconsin.

Illinois officials are salivating.

I guess Walker really didn't enjoy his time as Milwaukee County Executive - - and can't wait to further stunt the economy while his suburban base stands ready to reap fresh rewards.

Depress the economy in Milwaukee, suppress the vote with modern-day poll tax equivalents, and push development in areas like Waukesha and the Fox Vally counties - - now there's a prescription for long-term GOP rule.

And this sorry episode gives life to that defining moment in the final debate between Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, when Barrett challenged pro-jobs (sic) Walker to name one job in the central city of Milwaukee he had created.

From Walker, no job named.

Soon the number will -125 and counting.

And let's not let the M7 and local business leaders off the hook, as they abandon Talgo and high-speed rail's economic boost to the city and region.


Michael Horne said...

This news is so disheartening. Walker doesn't make up these positions -- he is fed them by a small, powerful cadre. I wish we had Communism back so the Republicans could have an issue that is not completely dipstick.

Unknown said...

Unbelievable! This man must be stopped! The fact that he even became governor leaves me stunned. As a college graduate of UWM and MKE born resident I am invested in the area. However, this has left me with the very real notion that it's time to go. Very few seem to share my political beliefs here and we are actually devolving. Milwaukee will never get ahead, much less WI. Dealing with this environment has always been tough, but now all hope is gone. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but at least they water the lawn. Chicago, Minneapolis please welcome your newest college educated WI residents...your welcome.

Clementine said...

What about the loud silence coming from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce?

Or are they too busy promoting plastics manufacturers?

Anon Jim said...

Hey Christian on your way out of the state - don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!