Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Civil War II? Secession Talk Again; Chuck Norris Wants To Run For Texas President

I have an old friend who thinks American politics and culture keep on replaying the Civil War, and some Texans are really pushing the envelope.

Rick Perry, newly-elected Governor, has a new way to go about it.


Rick James said...

Hey JimBob that CNN article is over a year old.

Cle said...

Hey DickJim,

The story that is the subject of Rowen's post is the one dated Nov 7, 2010. The CNN article was linked in as background to the updated storyline.

Read the entire post before you shoot off your comment. It's only one sentence more.

Anonymous said...

I;m sure there's a Chuck Norris joke in there somewhere:

Chuck Norris doesn't need to run for Texas President. Texas will run for him. (?)

Chuck Norris doesn't want to be the Texas President. Being King will do. (?)

C'mon, someone. YOu can do better than this!!