Monday, November 15, 2010

Walker Side-Tracking/Back-Tracking On Rail

Oh, what a shock.

Now he's for rail, long as it leaves Madison off the line.

Too many Democrats there.

Just as obvious is Walker's bid to get off the hot seat with some sort of face-saving arrangement so he can try and reconstruct his transition and perhaps his first year or two in office.

That means getting the feds, protesters various editorial boards and assorted movers-and-shakers off his back.

Not sure how this works out, as the money he's now thinking aloud about redirecting to some rail projects are not those for which these funds were designated - - Midwestern High-Speed Rail.

And Walker is no position to ask for an earmark out of other federal funds, is he, as earmarks are becoming toxic to new Republican members of Congress who have drunk themselves silly with the Tea.

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garage mahal said...

This guy sure is a piece of work. Wonder if it's the political realization that killing this project and the jobs that go with it will make him a one and done-er.