Thursday, November 25, 2010

Reaching Out To MMAC, Talgo Should Expect Disappointment

Talgo will learn that the MMAC is not brave enough to buck Scott Walker.

The business community has already walked away from its recent support of high-speed rail, and the MMAC raised money for Walker.

End of story.


Anonymous said...


Why don't you tell us again about the benefits of Talgo.

Hiring a few people to reassemble a product that was built in Spain, disassembled and then reassembled here is like manufacturing, but different.

It's not like we are employing SE Wisconsin's tool and die and allied trades.... so please explain how this whole product importation thing is part of your great Progressive agenda.

You get this don't you?

These are Spanish trains, built in SPAIN!

They merely break them down to save on shipping and our big Talgo opportunity here is to hire cheap labor to reassemble them.

It's like manufacturing, but totally different.

It's like jobs, but different.

It's totally expensive and a waste of money --- but the same and I repeat myself.

Get a grip buddy.

krshorewood said...

A job is a job.

Do you think that we have some of the most myopic business leaders in the country that revel in analysis paralysis is why we are so far behind as a city?

It comes down to the sad fact that the only visionary in Milwaukee is a Russian emigre developer who is continually harassed, and a dead guy.