Friday, November 12, 2010

Waukesha Great Lakes Diversion Application Still Iced At DNR

So says the DNR's website on the subject.

The application got to the DNR, after revisions, in May; supplemental information was also sent, but not enough to jump start the review and environmental analyses.


Anonymous said...

From the DNR's Southeast Region Leadership Team Minutes.......

"Waukesha Water Application

Water staff will meet with City of Waukesha officials on Thursday, November 18, to identify gaps in their application for Lake Michigan water. The application may not be completed until after the New Year. DNR staff will look at return water flows to Underwood Creek among other issues. Waukesha must obtain approval from the Town of Waukesha for any service from the town to the city. Some environmental groups want to monitor, but not participate, in the meeting. Later in the process, DNR will provide a public participation phase. It will include issuing a public notice, establishing a hearing, and completing of an Environmental Impact Statement with a 45 day public comment period."

James Rowen said...

Thanks for the information. One q? Is it service from the Town or to the Towm that will need Town approval?