Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Madison-Free High-Speed Train Route?

Some say perhaps.

I began hearing that last week.

As I wrote:

"Remember that some of the money ticketed for high-speed rail and rejected by incoming Gov. Scott Walker was to finance improvements to the existing Hiawatha Amtrak line from Chicago to Milwaukee, and then north and west of Madison on the once-daily Empire Builder route that goes all the way to the Pacific Northwest...

"That 'solution,' of course, cuts Wisconsin out of the high-speed rail system envisioned for the Midwest, and leaves Madisonians who want to ride the Empire Builder to Milwaukee, Mitchell Field or Chicago to first drive 26 miles to Columbus, WI, (no shuttle bus).

"Don't be surprised if this is the deal Walker supports, or has others float for him."


krshorewood said...

Of course, because it shoves a stick in Madison's eye. Walker and his new home city -- it should be a beautiful marriage.

Anon Jim said...

Sounds like a good solution to me.

The supposed 'high-speed" choo-choo system is never going to be built anyways, so we might as well not get involved with that boondoggle.