Friday, November 26, 2010

SEWRPC Offered Free Trial Use Of Audio Device To Record Meetings

I noted in a Thanksgiving posting - - here - - that SEWRPC was involved in a dispute over the accuracy and completeness of its meetings' minutes because it still has a staff member take hand-written notes.

And that, for about $70, I had purchased a digital audio recorder with a computer upload feature so I could begin to keep a record of those SEWRPC meetings I attend.

If you will look in the comment section of that linked posting you will see an offer to SEWRPC of a higher-end, proven recorder.

The comment says:

"My company transcribes recorded voice. Last year I purchased a digital recorder because I was impressed by the quality of the digital recording. I have since loaned it free to two clients who were about to do interviews on (low quality) tapes.

I offer this device to SEWRPC for a meeting, after which they can easily upload the audio to a computer, to their web site. No charge. Just good will. They may just like it enough to buy one ($150 at Office Depot). November 26, 2010 9:15 AM."

The commenter has emailed me more information about his offer, so I'd be glad to facilitate the trial offer if SEWRPC is interested.

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Anonymous said...

SEWRPC...... notoriously slow to keep up with "today's" technology.....or is it just their reluctance to let everyone know of their "good ol' boy" mentality.