Thursday, November 18, 2010

Commentary On Comments

I post virtually all comments I get, but some strike me as unnecessarily personal, mean, snarky or repetitious.  So that handful over the years - - more than 7.000 have been posted - - gets deleted.

So it goes...

Folks are always free to post on their own blogs, or others.


Anon Jim said...

"unnecessarily personal, mean, snarky or repetitious."

With all due respect James, you might want to try looking at your blog with fresh eyes for once.

James Rowen said...

Well - - not to belabor the obvious, but I take responsibility for everything I write because a it's my blog, and b) my name is on it.

I'm not a faceless hitch hiker, repeatedly, on someone else's effort.

Anon Jim said...


Just that people who live in glass houses . . .

James Rowen said...

Which is why, as the blog writer and administrator, I have to exercise control over the stones thrown from the shadows.

Boxer said...

psssst! Anon Jim!

I think James was talking about you. In case you're too dull to get his point.

You might consider the tone of your comments which have repeatedly struck many of us loyal readers and James Rowen fans as "unnecessarily personal, mean, snarky or repetitious."

I'm pretty sure James is good with you coming on his blog and disagreeing with his opinions. However, you do so without logic or facts of your own to refute James' points. Each time I read one of your postings, I picture a snarling dog. It seems you can't wait to bait James and liberal, progressive or Democratic supporters, rub salt in a wound, or drop a Fox talking point into an otherwise moderate discussion.

I don't agree with everything James Rowen thinks, but I do trust that he researches first, before he formulates an opinion and puts it into his blog. I trust his facts because he covered many of these issues in his years as a reporter and KNOWS firsthand what happened because in many cases, he sat in that courtroom or meeting or office when it actually was going down.

You, on the otherhand, seem to decide what your opinion is --or more likely, gut it out--and then look for facts to cover yourself. Or not.

I warn you that the 'facts' as presented on Fox News are nearly invisible, or at best quite thin, and if you, living in YOUR glass house, are thinking that these will cover you, well, the naked truth is visible to the neighborhood, if you follow.

Dave said...

Anon Jim is a bit of a pain. His stone throwing is getting tiresome.

I disagree with 99% of what Mr. Rowen has to say, but I appreciate his writing and am amazed he continues to post Anon Jim.

Anon Jim said...

Yes Boxer - even someone as dense as me gets that this post is directed at me, although I do not have the hubris to presume to be the only one.

Since I track my comments, I know full well when one has been posted by James or not.

I do take issue with your accusations though, please explain the falsehoods in any of my posts. What for example am I lying about in the GM stock sale thread where I point out the U.S. taxpayer is losing billions of dollars?

If my shedding a little light on progressive spin upsets you - so be it.

Please note as I have mentioned before, I do have the greatest respect for James Rowen for posting the majority of my comments.

My vigorous disagreement with most of his opinions is another matter.

Boxer said...

Anon Jim:

No one has a problem with you disagreeing with James or anyone else who posts on this blog.

As my Dad used to say, it's not so much WHAT you say as the WAY you say it.

Some of us, Dave and me included, think that James has been extremely generous in posting many of your comments that could be considered over the line of TOO "unnecessarily personal, mean, snarky or repetitious."

As only you are privy to the posts that James deletes, you know where he draws the line. What I posted is that others--yes, me included--have been annoyed not only by the tone, but by the lack of fact and logic in most of your posts. In Dave's words, 'stone-throwing'. It's a cliche, but you have a knee-jerk reaction to most everything James writes. It IS tiresome, annoying and upsetting because it often doesn't add substantively to the discussion.

And you often attempt to discredit Rowen's facts. This is a game you're not going to win.

I'm not going to re-argue all of your postings with you, but I'll remind you that climate change is a fact acknowledged by a majority of the world's scientists, and not a point that will be disproved by you, assuming you're NOT a scientist, in this blog or any other. Your vigorous disagreement notwithstanding.