Saturday, November 6, 2010

Walker Present When M7 Lauded Talgo, Doyle Train Purchase

The business-led regional partnership known as the M7 likes the high-speed train, so now's the time for the M7 to speak up and tell Governor-elect Scott Walker to stop campaigning and keep promoting the M7 cooperative effort to bring train-manufacturing jobs to Milwaukee.

The M7 just months ago hailed Gov. Jim Doyle for buying Talgo high-speed trains for the Milwaukee-Madison train line upgrade - - part of a national high-speed rail system - - and the M7 also listed the Talgo factory recruitment to Milwaukee as an M7 success.

Scott Walker, an M7 governing council member as Milwaukee County Executive, was present at a well-attended M7 meeting where Talgo and Doyle got their praise, M7 records show.

But Walker has since repeatedly pledged to kill the train, thus wiping out a major Talgo order - -  and yet, after taking heat late last week as work on the project was suspended in line with his position, Walker asked Talgo to remain in Milwaukee.

Can you say "Chutzpah?" How deep a hole can Walker dig for himself on this issue?

If you're Talgo, do you see value in remaining as Walker's punching bag, and having the Governor-elect put your investment in the Milwaukee plant at sudden risk?"

From that linked M7 document, below are the members-present list and the M7's take on Talgo:

"Milwaukee 7 Council Meeting

Monday, March 29, 2010 UW-Parkside (Kenosha County)

M7 Council Members Present: Tom Barrett, Chip Brewer, Mike D’Amato, David Halbrooks, Willie Hines, Gale Klappa, Jim Kreuser, Dick Leinenkugel, William McReynolds, Larry Nelson, Cory Nettles, Nancy Russell, Carlos Santiago, Carol Schneider, Robert Spitzer, Mary Ellen Stanek, Richard Telfer, Herb Tennies, John Torinus, Dan Vrakas, Scott Walker..."

"Talgo Case Study

Spanish train manufacturer Talgo, Inc. is also locating its first U.S. assembly plant in Milwaukee. Talgo, based in Madrid, had considered a half dozen sites for its U.S. plant. Governor Doyle committed Wisconsin as the first state to build trains with Talgo – a bold step that not only gets Wisconsin’s trains built locally but others as well. Oregon is buying two new passenger trains from Talgo and Talgo expects more sales through the $8 billion federal high speed rail initiative.

Talgo’s selection of Milwaukee was based on the region's high rankings for skilled workforce, economic climate, technical and operational conditions, cost of living, training facilities, rail access and proximity to a major airport and port. Again, a coordinated effort by M7, the City and the State resulted in 125 new jobs, $7.56 million in new payroll and $4 million in capital investment"

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Anonymous said...

We're supposed to praise Talgo... this is the company that got millions of dollars in tax breaks and incentives to employ 125 people. Of those 125, how many will be Wisconsin residents? Initially, we heard Talgo was bringing their own engineers and key fabricators from Spain. Last month, we heard of Talgo's discriminatory employment practices. Now, we're supposed to feel sorry and look at Talgo as stuck in the middle on this. Sorry, that sympathy isn't found here.