Friday, November 5, 2010

Journal Sentinel Should Rate Walker Rail Statements "Pants On Fire"

In this Thursday Wisconsin State Journal story, Gov. Elect Scott Walker claims that high-speed rail funding can be moved to different uses in the state because Tommy Thompson got $241 million of light rail funding committed to the Marquette Interchange instead.

Except that scenario did not happen.

The facts are here.

He also continues to claim that the high-speed train would cost state taxpayers $7.5 million -to -$10 million in annual operating costs.

Except that the latest and reported official estimate of that expense is $750,000 - - one-tenth or less than Walker claims.

I put the Journal Sentinel's reporting about these issues by veteran transportation reporter Larry Sandler here also.


Boxer said...

The first lie cannonball in what will be a 4-year barrage of mistruths, untruths, partial truths, truthiness and lies from the mouth of Scott walker.

Anonymous said...

You should be happy as a clam Rowen.

You have 2 years ahead of you where you can piss and moan non-stop on your blog about Walker's crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Official estimates never go over budget. They're crazy!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are now going back to the dark ages. Republicans will stop progress because.... They are stupid, short sighted and can not or refuse not to see the big picture! They want to win the game but will lose the war.

Unknown said...

Excellent article! I found your blog on DailyKos. I'm glad to follow.