Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Support One Wisconsin Now

One Wisconsin Now has done its job publicizing progressive issues in Wisconsin, and there's no better way to recognize OWN's work and potential in the years to come by including the group in your year-end giving.

OWN's website is here. There is an online donation button on the right index.

OWN is a 501-C-4 organization, so contributions are not tax-deductible.

OWN also operates a tax-exempt, 501-C-3 organization - - The Institute for One Wisconsin, on whose board I sit - - and online contribution information about the Institute is here.

Both groups can be reached at 207. E. Buffalo St., #503, Milwaukee, WI, 53202

Progressive agendas don't get moved forward without people pitching in - - a political fact of life certainly proven by the Obama grassroots campaign and victory.

Foundations, unions and concerned individuals have worked hard to make OWN effective in Wisconsin, and as a national model, too.

Please join the effort. I'm glad to help; let me know by email at if you want more information, and can donate.

Many thanks, and feel free to pass this on.

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Anonymous said...

When OWN can enjoy the backing of state unions PSRP and AFL/CIO, there will change. Until than, this group has much to learn about the inner workings of Wisconsin. Surveys are well lets just say that everyone I asked in Wisconsin said they dont drink and drive...