Friday, December 19, 2008

Coleman Lead At Five Votes: Franken Will Win

As I have been saying, Democrat Al Franken will win the US Senate seat in Minnesota now held by Republican Norm Coleman - - by a thread.

republicans who gloated over Florida's Hanging Chads For Bush please mute your complaints.


Anonymous said...

Mystery ballets showing up. Franken workers works showing to help recount as neutral parties.
Will win or perhaps steal

James Rowen said...

I think the MN Supreme Ct. is trying to get every vote counted. Isn't that the goal?

Anonymous said...

Got no issues with votes. Have issues with the found ballets

Anonymous said...

Come on Colt,

I would like you to show me where either sides' "OBSERVERS" are actually conducting or participating in the official count. Government officials keep the legal count.

My understanding is that both sides are allowed to have observers, and yes the job description for the observers from their respective sides is to keep a, "non-official," but accurate vote count, for their own records.

Nice to read your comments occasionally, but PPPLLLEEAASSEEE.