Monday, December 15, 2008

Transit Consultant Throws Own Ideas Under The Bus

And undermines the name of his organization, The Reason Foundation, by derailing his own support for commuter rail.

I noted six months ago that it was a bad idea to hire an anti-rail consultant to pitch a rail system.

Live and learn.


meghan said...

If they actually take this study seriously and add express buses instead of KRM that may be my final straw to finally exit this region to somewhere that "gets it."


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Cleveland, less taxes better schools more jobs.

The fight over KRM has only just began

Anonymous said...

Your toys like KRM will run up quite the taxes see above for what New York state is facing. Do you really think that the Wisconsin tax payer will put up with the same thing here? Of course you have to understand that ever $$ taxed out of our pockets is one less to spend or invest
2010 is when the right comes back.

Anonymous said...

@ colt -- There's really no strong correlation between taxes and economic growth. See Chicago's thriving economy (recruiting Boeing from Seattle), with a 10% sales tax compared with Milwaukee's 5.5%.

Economic growth is predicated on stellar infrastructure. KRM is a necessary capital investment. Stop being such an anti-tax idealogue and start seeeing the strong economic benefits of infrastructure development.

Anonymous said...

First here is a link for a talk show by rail fans you might find interesting


I one of the folks who did Film Wisconsin tax Credits bringing in 70-100 million in investments.
do not even begin to tell me about taxes or what it takes to bring new business to this State.
Tax credits brings business high taxes drive away business.
If not IL would not have raised their lv of tax credits.
Ask yourself why so many are leaving Milwaukee That has been asked high taxes poor schools