Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fee Dispute Could Knock Daily Show And More Off Time Warner

Time Warner accuses Viacom of wanting too big a fee increase in 2009 to carry its channels, including Comedy Central, which means if this hassle isn't fixed quickly, no Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Reno 911 and more for you/me in SE Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, in order to preserve such awesome programming, your cable fees must go up.

It's just like taxes - if you want all of these splendid services - you have to pay for them.

How dare Time Warner step in the way to oppose fee increases?

Right wing freaks!

James Rowen said...

To Anonymous; Let's not get too idologically-worked up. I figure there will be a deal, and if the rates go up, we can decide whether to pay them.

I called Time Watner and told them to count me in the 'make-a-deal' group.